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So Much Nope - Infused With An Allergic Reaction To Exercise
Oct 02, 2023
For months, my jeans have been shrinking. I am now at the point where I air-dry all my clothes and they are still shrinking. I have this internal debate each time I do laundry like…”I’ve only worn these jeans three times…I have them perfectly stretched out…If I wash them, they will shrink and I will have to start the process all over again.” 
ADHD Brain & Unhelpful Advice
Sep 29, 2023
I have to start by saying I am overwhelmed with gratitudefor the support you all...
🏈 Sportsing, Pride, & 🙏 A Huge ASK!!! 🏈
Sep 22, 2023
Anybody trash talk so much only to be slapped in the face by your own poor choices? My 20 Year old son-James, my husband-Joe and my Father in Law-Mike, have been in a fantasy football league for as long as I can remember. Until just recently they would fly to Oklahoma for their draft. To say fantasy football is serious business in my house is an understatement. It’s ESPN nonstop, mock drafts and faces glued to phones checking player stats. 
Darkness, Failure Feelings & Finding Joy Again
Sep 19, 2023
..By trying to please everyone, I had absolutely lost sight of my mission and my WHY. I stopped writing, posting, and I basically outsourced my company while I focused on the day-to-day candle making. It was easier for me to just let everyone else make the business decisions. This latest idea was probably the most painful decision I let happen...
Lacie's Label Lore: The Stories Behind MWC's Candle Labels
Feb 23, 2023
Lately, I've been thinking of ideas for new candle labels (stay tuned for updates!). Typically,...
Malicious Women Co Soy Wax Candles
Feb 09, 2023
This blog post is a collection of what I learned about candle ingredients through research and testing. Our all-natural candles are free of additives, dyes, lead, phthalates, and parabens. We still hand pour our long-burning candles with safe ingredients and custom crafted scents. I learned soy much in the beginning and I hope you find it valuable to understand my ‘why’ as it relates to the quality of my candles. The snark, well that is just a bonus!
Stop Doing Shit You Hate!
Jul 18, 2019
This picture. This is the day I decided to quit my Aerospace Quality Engineering career I had spent 22 years building. This is a picture of a broken spirit and a woman who could not spend one more second as the only female at the conference table. This is also the day of my epic Facebook Live rant that some of you may remember. 
Are You A Zodiac Bad Bitch?
Jan 12, 2019
A Bad Bitch isn’t all about tattoos or piercings, matter of fact some of the baddest bitches I know are the ones you’d least expect. A bad bitch creates her own style and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. She’s far too concerned with accomplishing her goals than to worry about the latest Pinterest approved seasonal outfits....
Please Don't Do Meth In Our Bathroom
Mar 01, 2018
I’m just going to put it right out there…being a mom is tough. We are...