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Malicious Women Candle Co.

3 oz Wax Melts - Bestselling Scents Available

$7.50 USD

MWC Wax Melts In Our Most Popular Scents!

If you would rather enjoy the fragrant aromas of Malicious Women Co without an open flame, our wax melts will keep your home full of maliciousness without the risk of your cat knocking a candle off the counter.

MWC wax melts are loaded with the maximum percent of premium fragrance oil to fill your home with a lasting scent of your choice.


  • Wax Weight: Each triangle is .5 oz for a total of 3 oz pure soy wax melt
  • Custom MWC logo circle, recyclable packaging. 
  • Scent Lasts: 10- 20 Hours per cube (That's almost 60 to 100 Hours for $10 bucks!)
***Scent Descriptions At The Bottom Of This Listing***

    We hand-pour all of our wax melts in small batches using only natural soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils. All of our melts are vegan and contain no added dyes or harmful chemicals.

    HOW TO USE - Break off 1 or 2 cubes and add to the top of an electric or tealight tart burner to melt. Wax can be melted until it is no longer fragrant.

    Malicious Tip: Try melting two different scents together to create your own unique fragrance!

    *Limited Edition Seasonal Scents*

    Bad Santa                                                                                                                     Our #1 best-selling Holiday scent is back. Warm eggnog spiked with dark-spicy rum and topped with ground nutmeg. You’ll want to drink this candle!

    Mint Hot Chocolate & Pine                                                                                  Spiked mint hot cocoa is a must have while cutting down your own Christmas tree because let’s be real…It sucks! It is cold and there is so much sap everywhere! Enjoy the smell without all the work!

    Sugared Cranberry                                                                                                   Crisp, bright and sweet, this cheerful holiday (or any day) scent has the tangy sweetness of tart cranberries resting on a soft bed of warm, caramelized sugar.  This one is sure to become a holiday/wintertime favorite!

    Yule                                                                                                                               An instant winter favorite with Top Notes of a wood-burning fireplace, middle notes of bayberry, and bottom notes of classic baking spices. This scent will have you grabbing your favorite blanket and hot beverage for a cozy night in. 

    Year Round Scents
    A Hot Mess
    Our signature scent is a mess of baking spices, red-hot cinnamon, and a hint of black tea to calm this scent a bit. Everyone is A Hot Mess, embrace it with us!
    Blueberry Cobbler: Freshly harvested blueberries are folded in between warm fresh baked dough.  The ultimate summer indulgence topped off with vanilla whipped cream.
    Cabernet All Day
    True wine connoisseurs enjoy with all their senses which is why we pour a strong sweet grape aroma and hints of strawberries and sugar into your glass (jar).  Has a great scent throw!

    Citrus & Sage
    The perfect kitchen wax melt.  The clean scent has top notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds and bottom notes of fresh white sage leaves.  My bestie calls this "Freshly Showered Man".  Take that as you want. 

    Clean Linen
    Set your laundry on fire--if only in your mind. Crisp cotton scents will fill the air that is so clean that you'll (almost) regret not running a load of whites.

    Cotton Candy & Pine
    Sweet cotton candy is blended with fresh pine.
    Espresso Yo Self
    The best part of waking up is warm roasted Colombian coffee beans. Dark espresso with hints of buttery caramel and vanilla whipped cream creates a balanced blend that will have your coffee cup on defense.

     Exotic Hemp
    Legal in all states, this earthy, woody scent has top notes of Nepal cannabis, green mandarin, and coriander. The heart notes consist of Chinese hemp seed, allspice, and pepper berries. It finishes with base notes of cassia root, black ashwood, and patchouli leaves. Dance naked in its aroma.

    Frooty Loops
    Overload your senses with this mix of lemon, cherry, and lime with a heavy hand of sugar coating that won't make your sweet toothache.
    This candle IS Saturday morning cartoons in a jar. 

    Grapefruit & Mint
    The scent that had to happen. We paired 2 of the crispest scents on the planet to give you the sweet taste of juicy grapefruit and the cool snap of mint in one jar.

    Lavender & Coconut Water
    Coconut Water & Citron are joined together for a soothing spa scent. Compliments of French Lavender & Rosemary Sprigs create a modern twist. Undertones of Tonka bean, Amber & Vanilla creates a sweet ending to this fragrant affair.

    Lemon Drop Martini
    This candle is 'Ladies Night' in a jar.  Our Lemon Drop Martini is a mouth-watering combination of tart and sugary-sweet goodness.  

    Oakmoss & Amber
    Musty & rich wood brings the boys to the yard to meet the herb and amber milkshake of the girls. Everyone loves this strong, gender-fluid fragrance.

    Pink Chandelier

    It doesn't get more extra than this! The incredible aromas of iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and pink sugar are super fabulous and super strong! Both cold and hot scent throw is on point!

    Rebel Rose                                                                                                                  The smell of a room full of beautiful garden roses with none of the mess. It's been described as "green" and natural. This rose has been blended with strong oak for an earthy scent that is sure to please even the toughest florist. 

    Take A Hike
    This beautiful blend is unlike any other scent we’ve blended. It's bright wildflower, living green moss, and the sophisticated scents of cedar & pine that is strong without being overpowering. Spring is coming...smell the great outdoors without the hassle of that pesky exercise. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews

    These wax melts are absolutely delightful. I will be buying more when I can. The whole concept is fantastic and I will support any company that is against the bullshit! Can't wait to try all of the ones I purchased right now I'm using the exotic hemp and it is wonderful.

    Shirley A.
    Great way to sample multiple scents at once

    Sometimes scents don't agree with me and I'll get headaches and an upset stomach, especially heavy floral or earthy notes. The tealight sampler pack is an excellent way to see how you'll react before investing in a full-sized candle, wax melt, room spray, or reed diffuser.

    Love the wax melts!

    Smell wonderful and the scent lasts for days!

    Ashley P.
    Wonderful As Usual

    The scented waxes were the perfect housewarming gift for my brother and sister in law. They loved them as much as I do! I've never bought a scent that didn't make my home smell incredible. I've bought at least ten different scents so far. I'm also really enjoying their malicious perfume!

    Kayla H.
    Smells great!

    My whole house smells AMAZING!!