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Not seeing the perfect candle for your very specific situation? Design it yourself with our new Custom Candle option. Now you and your bestie/ mom/ sister/ aunt/ gynecologist or pet spider can laugh and love the custom candle you created, in any scent we offer. 


In light of the unjust ruling by the Supreme Court, I have made the decision to no longer create custom candles featuring words or phrases that contradict my personal beliefs. The Ultra conservative agenda, which promotes discrimination rather than peace and equality, is something I vehemently reject.

Henceforth, my candle creations will reflect my unwavering commitment to principles such as justice, inclusivity, and fairness. I believe in fostering an atmosphere of harmony and equality, where every individual is valued and respected, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs.

By taking this stance, I aim to contribute to a world that embraces diversity and champions the rights and well-being of all. I am dedicated to promoting understanding, empathy, and unity through my candle designs, which will align with my core values and serve as a symbol of solidarity for those who share my vision of a more just and inclusive society.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as I strive to create a candle collection that reflects my unwavering commitment to peace, equality, and the rejection of discrimination in any form.

Have fun designing!

CANDLE SCENT: Please pick a scent you would like your custom candle in.

GIFT NOTES: Please add your gift note during checkout. No pricing information is EVER sent with shipments. A pack-slip is sent showing who purchased the item and where it is shipping to. 

RETURNS:  Once the label goes to print, no refunds, changes or exchanges are offered on custom candles.

LABELS:  Custom labels are printed in-house on our original light brown kraft labels. These labels are not waterproof. 

Disclaimer: MWC will not put Jesus on a candle and I do reserve the right to deny any order that violates the rights of any person.  Please note, we cannot put trademarked words or quotes in the design. In the event an order can't be made for any reason, MWC will try and help you rephrase your candle or issue a full refund + any shipping charges that were paid. 

See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 8oz, 40-hour burn time candles.