ADHD Brain & Unhelpful Advice

ADHD Brain & Unhelpful Advice

Sep 29, 2023Lacie Marsh-Carroll

I have to start by saying I am overwhelmed with gratitude
for the support you all have given me since I restarted my blog. I read all the comments and keep trying to reply but every time I sit down to respond someone comes into my office with an issue that needs to be addressed. Yesterday I didn’t even get my computer bag sat down before Katie and Saida came into my office with
cheesy grins and asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news first. I of course said the bad news, better to end on a high note. They told me our Espresso Yo’ Self fragrance oil smelled rancid. I about had a heart attack. It’s 200 pounds and we literally JUST received it. I said what’s the good news? Katie said that since half the crew was out with Covid we don’t have to worry about pouring it and she already removed it from the website. Katie is always quick with her dark-ass humor and I am here for it!
Candle Scent Testing

When we see a tunnel like this, it is one of two things. Usually, it is caused by not allowing the burn pool to reach the edge of the jar before extinguishing. This set's the candle memory and the candle will never burn to the edge when relit. MWCC candles take 3 hours of burn to reach a full melt pull. Let me know if you want a post about how to fix candle issues. In this case, because we do proper testing, I know the wax is not mixing well with the fragrance oil and the wick is sucking up that fuel faster than the wax, creating a tunnel right down the damn middle. This happens if the manufacturer formats my fragrance oil for paraffin rather than soy wax. Yes, I've been here before. The formulation for soy must be pure and can't contain fillers like paraffin wax fragrance oil.

Of course, I raced to the floor to smell it and sure as shit, it’s bad. I immediately called our supplier who argued with me and literally called me a liar. I had to prove I wasn’t lying by pouring 4 candles, test burn them (Picture attached) and send samples back to them. It took over 3 hours to document the situation and get all the samples together. And that is just a normal Wednesday.

Ok, back to what I was saying (sorry, ADHD brain) Thank You! I took your comments on the football post and I WON!!!! I will try to figure out how to post a pic in the comments of my previous blog post.

So now the real topic for this week. Joe Carroll. Grrrr….

We have been together for 25 years and most of the time I don’t want to peel his face off. He is a REALLY supportive husband and takes the best care of me. He brings me flowers every week and actually listens when I talk about my day. He also always makes sure to pick up my meds and never lets me run out of tiny Coca Cola cans. (I have a slight addiction to tiny Coca Cola cans).

I don’t know if I just never registered this habit of Joe’s or if this is just new behavior but I am over it.

Joe has become the master of stating the obvious.

For example:

We have three dogs. If you follow us on socials you’ve met Alice (English Cream Golden Retriever) and Frank (a super grumpy ass Basset Hound). Our son recently moved back home and brought with him Ivy, his screaming Shiba Inu escape artist.  We have a baby gate on our front porch so we can sit on the porch with the dogs and they can’t run off. They’re all still young and have not mastered recall. We have been working on ‘Place’ (Sitting your ass down and staying calm until we say ‘Come’). Frank and Alice will stay on place, but Ivy just does whatever TF she wants. She actually runs this house now and I am but her humble treat bitch. For the record, I really do love my grandpuppy.  

 Carroll Dog Prison

Anyway, I was bringing in the groceries and I accidentally left the baby gate open. Of course, all three dogs took this as a personal invitation to escape the Carroll Penitentiary and make a break for it. I dropped the groceries and start running after Ivy while yelling to Frank and Alice to ‘GO TO PLACE’. Frank and Alice are zooming about the neighborhood with Ivy leading the pack of felons. I knew my only shot of wrangling this trio of assholes was to capture the instigator. By this time I have Joe, James and the neighbors trying to catch Ivy. Joe was able to arrest Frank and Alice and put them in solitary (Kennel). After about 10 minutes, we capture Ivy and scoop her up and carry her back to the house. I was out of breath and as we reach the front porch Joe says with a straight face ‘We should probably try and keep the gate closed’.

I stopped in my tracks, looked at him with no expression and said ‘Yes Joe, very helpful advice’.

I know in Joe’s mind he is being helpful and not passive aggressive. He’s not built like that.

Another example happened last night. Joe and I cook and do the dishes together. We listen to music and talk. I love it. I tell you this because not only was Joe present while the dishwasher was being loaded, he was an active participant. We finish wiping down the counters, pour a glass of wine and sit down to watch Hoffman Gold Rush. Side Note: Gold Rush is a whole blog post in itself, but I love him and he loves that show. Anyway, the dishwasher starts to error out and I get up to see what’s wrong. As I am actively rearranging the dishes, he comes over and asked, ‘Did you check if something is blocking the sprayer?” I again look up at him expressionless and say ‘Yes Joe’ and hold up a large bowl that was blocking the sprayer. He’s a helper!

This morning we were chatting and I was telling him about an
email response I got to the last blog. One lady noticed the Easter Egg in the photo and I was so happy someone got it. It was the lady who added fragrance oil to her Bat Shit Crazy candle. He was just looking at me and I said ‘An Easter Egg is is like a little detail that you hope people notice but don’t point it out. He looked at me expressionless and said ‘Yes Lacie, very helpful’. I was guilty! He is an avid comic book fan- of course he knows this VERY common term that I womansplained to him. Facepalm…

So that's been my week, How's yours going? What is the one thing your partner does that drives you nuts?

Stay Malicious,


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  • So my mother in law got me a candle while my husband was deployed and it was Bitch… you got this candle and it has been my favorite candle (smell ) Ever!!!
    Can’t find it on the web site and wondered if it was still possible to get it?
    Thank you,
    Samantha Brown

    Samantha Brown

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