Malicious Bath Bombs

Light The Candle, And Prepare Yourself!   

Whirl and fizz your "blues" away with one of our skin nourishing large handmade bath bombs. Custom handmade from only the finest ingredients, our bath bombs will change the way you bathe.

Our Bath Bomb's nourishing ingredients will leave your skin smooth and moisturized long after you've stepped out of the tub. 


Organic shea butter, baking soda, citric acid, sunflower oil, premium sea salt, essential oils, body-safe color Goats Milk Vitamin E,  Jo-Joba oil,  Eucalyptus Dead Sea salt Epsom Salt Soothing 100% Pure Fragrance Oil 100% & or Pure Essential oils 

The F-Bomb- Bath Bomb


The Bitch Bomb - Bath Bomb