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Fuck It. - Infused with "Just Fuck It."

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Lita C.
Mom loved it!

I bought this candle and a retirement candle for my mom and she loved them both! She laughed so hard at these and some of the other candles I showed her that I've purchased. Very satisfied customers!

Donna M.
Perfect....just perfect

What do you send your daughter who found out her ( in great shape) 27 y/o son had a heart attack 3 days after her husband had a major heart attack ? You send her Malicious Women's "Shit show" and"Fuck It" candles of course. She loved them!

Katherine S.
Fuckin love it!

Great candles! Terrific scents and make a great gift for my mom and all my girlfriends love them! It’s nice to have a candle that says just what you fuckin need it to, and make you laugh! I enjoy giving these out as gifts 💙👍

Terri B.
It was fucking awesome!!

I've ordered several candles from you and have enjoyed giving them to friends. I really like your candle labels; thanks for making me and a lot of my friends laugh.

Janet B.
Soooo good!

Take a hike is my FAV!🌟