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Malicious Women Co.

Melt -N- Pour Candle Refill Kit

$10.00 USD

Our Melt-N-Pour candle refill kits offer the perfect solution for what to do with your empty Malicious Women Co candle jars. Not only does this give you instant sustainability street cred' (must post pics on the socials), but it is super fun. You all know what happened to me after I made my first candle - BAM, I was hooked! 

Your Malicious Women Co Melt-N-Pour Refill Kit Comes With: 

  • 9oz Pre-scented 100% organic American-grown soybean wax
  • 1 all-cotton braided wick
  • 1 wick sticker (for the inside bottom of the jar) 
  • 1 clothespin to assist with keeping the wick centered

Melt-N-Pour Instructions: 

  • Clean out used MWC candle jar. 
    • NOTE: Our candle refill kits are ONLY meant for our candle jars. The wicks have been tested to burn properly in this jar. If you chose to refill a container other than ours, there is no guarantee the candle will burn properly or that it will not tunnel. All containers must be tested for proper wick size. 
    • You may search YouTube for the easiest way to clean out your candles, but I prefer the 'Freezer Method'. 
      • Place candle with 1/4" wax left in the jar in the freezer for 30 mins. 
      • Gently run a butter knife around the edge and stab the frozen wax to break it in to chunks. Dump wax in a wax-melter or the trash. 
      • Rinse our jar with hot water and wipe clean. It's so easy!
  • Take the lid off the Melt-N-Pour container and microwave for 1 min. Watch your wax carefully. Add 15 - 30 seconds if the wax hasn't fully melted. 
  • Remove wax from microwave with a potholder. Wax container may be hot. 
  • Allow wax to cool until it gets a bit cloudy (technical term). 
  • While wax is cooling, place the wick on the provided wick sticker and adhere to the inside center of the jar. It is vital you center this wick so you don't have a candle that tunnels. Being off-center just a bit can leave wax on one side of the jar while burning (this is called tunneling). 
  • Give the wax a little stir - this wax rinses right off in hot water, so feel free to use a teaspoon. 
  • Pour the cooled wax (apx 135 degrees) into the jar and set the candle wick using a clothespin. 
  • Allow to set for 4 hours before moving. 
  • Once the candle is completely cool, trim the wick to 1/4" 
  • Allow the candle to fully cure for three days before lighting. 

Congrats! You are now part of the Malicious Women candle making team! Yay! 

All The Warnings: 

  • Adult supervision is required (If you are not sure if you are an adult, 1. you are my people, 2. typically if you can drive a car, you should be safe making a candle.) 
  • Again, and I can't stress this enough- Our kits are only meant for our jars. So much testing has been done to ensure we are only using safe and long-burning wicks in our candles. 
    • Using too big of a wick in a glass jar may cause the jar to get too hot and  explode. Our jars are also heat-tested and rated for fire. 
    • Using too small of a wick will cause the candle to tunnel and not burn correctly. Too small of a wick is also the primary reason candles tend to self-extinguish (flame goes out). 
  • The Melt-N-Pour container may get hot during melting. Be careful. Seriously. 
  • If you spill the soy wax in your microwave, on your counter, or on the floor, remember this is soy wax and it melts with hot water. The melted wax will stain your clothes, so maybe don't refill your candles while wearing formal attire. 
  • Do not attempt to microwave your empty candle jars. The wick has a metal tab on the bottom and this is the best way to catch your microwave and house on fire. Check out YouTube for quick and easy ways to clean out an empty candle jar. 
  • Yes, the blueberry cobbler smells delicious, but please do not eat it. 
  • More Warnings will be added as the emails come in. I'm constantly amazed at the creative ways people fuck shit up! 

Stay Malicious! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Deborah B.
    Such an amazing deal!!

    I am so excited for these, I tried two and will be ordering any more for all my empty jars!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    Diana M.

    Awesome!! Will do this again!! Love it!!

    LaDonna K.
    Great opportunity to recycle!

    Refilling your own candle is GENIUS!it was easy to do with very specific instructions and all equipment needed. Will definitely do again and get 2 candles out of one jar.

    Chris T.
    Love These!!

    We love our Malicious Women candles and couldn’t bear the throw them away when they were empty. These refills are the perfect thing!

    Stephanie T.
    Love it!

    I absolutely love the idea of reusing my jar - 1) i have a few hilarious labels that i would love to continue using 2) i don’t like wasting. The little jars are good quality!

    The directions were easy to follow & i cannot wait to burn my new candle. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    I even sent a picture to my boss (the one who bought me my first MWC candle…bragging about being able to refill!

    Cotton Candy Pine is where it’s at. ❤️❤️❤️