Lacie's Label Lore: The Stories Behind MWC's Candle Labels

Lacie's Label Lore: The Stories Behind MWC's Candle Labels

Feb 23, 2023Lacie Marsh-Carroll

Lately, I've been thinking of ideas for new candle labels (stay tuned for updates!). Typically, my labels are inspired by real conversations and experiences I've had - so this week I wanted to share the stories behind some of the most iconic Malicious Women Co labels.



Early in our marriage, Joe learned a valuable life lesson. We were 21 years old, babies raising babies and broke AF. The only place we could afford to live was a very old church that was converted into multiple apartments. When I tell you this place was haunted, I mean it was SERIOUSLY haunted. Cupboard doors would fly open, lights flickered non stop and we always saw shadow figures out of the corner of our eye.

The final straw happened early before work. I was taking a shower when all of a sudden the shower curtain wrapped around me. I started screaming and Joe came running in to see if I was ok. I was crying and screaming ‘We need to move, we’re all going to die here!’ and he was like ‘Hold Still!” (I was still wrapped up in the curtain).

He finally snapped and said “Would you calm the fuck down? You’re being melodramatic!” I stopped cold in my full-on fear-fit and turned all my emotion towards this lovely man that was just trying to help me. I wrestled myself free, grabbed a towel and stormed out of the bathroom yelling “I can take care of myself!”

Minus a few lapses in judgement, Joe doesn’t tell me to ‘Calm Down’ anymore. He prefers now to say “Do we need time to process?” (when he says we, he means me). It’s more civilized, I’ll admit it, but sometimes I just want to be mad.
PS We broke our lease and got TF out of there!


This label means something a little different to me than maybe most of you. Fuck It, to me isn’t a negative phrase or another way to say I Give Up. For me, Fuck it is a challenge.

Fuck it is how I make a lot of life decisions. I decided I wanted to go back to college while having a full-time job, three kids, and two of them were in select level sports. Fuck it, Let’s Go! I want to teach myself website design- Fuck It, Let’s do this! This candle is infused with Just Fuck It because Fuck It, Why not? Just Fuck It! I accidentally started a candle business? Fuck It, I’m quitting my job to do this full time, Just fuck it!

Just Fuck It has become the MWCC anthem. Last year, we accidentally mixed Lavender & Coconut Water with Pink Champagne and poured 800 candles. We didn’t get upset, we said Fuck It, We just invented a new limited time scent! Well done, us! Fuck it means Let’s try it out and see what happens.

Fuck It doesn’t always work out and I have found myself rather fucked more times than I can count. Remember when I said Fuck It, Why not launch my own cosmetics line focusing on mental health? I worked for 9 months on this project only to launch Feb 15, 2020. Total failure. But guess what I just did? I said Fuck It, Let’s try again and am relaunching my line this March.


This one could have only come from my daughter, Kacie. You all know Kacie, our feisty Creative Director here at MWCC. She is famous for calling out Karens on TikTok.

Kacie played soccer from age 6-18 and this is my forever favorite, standout moment. Kacie played with no fear and a full heart. She took her game seriously and was never intimidated by someone’s size. She is 5’4” of pure determination.

This particular game Kacie’s team was playing their rival and the interactions became a tad bit ‘aggressive’. Elbows were flying, hip checks were happening and the red and yellow cards were aplenty. When a specific player started trash-talking Kacie's teammates, Kacie took it as a challenge and they were all over each other the entire game. I was whooping and hollering, it was pandemonium on both sides of that field.

After the game, the team did their "Good Game" line walk. And as you expect, Kacie made her feelings known when it was time to low-five that girl. Every single person on the field (including the refs and coaches!) heard her and Kacie received a game suspension for "unsportsmanlike conduct." Kacie was 12 and I think that is the day I knew I would never have to worry about her standing up for herself. She said it with such conviction I could only laugh. Then we went for ice cream.


This label evolved. When I first released this candle it was "Brains, Beauty, & Booty." Always Brains first. I know my intention was good with this one, I wasn’t trying to define a person by their body size and it didn’t take long for the internet to tell me how wrong I was.

I honestly love Badassery so much. I’d much rather be a Smart, beautiful Badass than a Smart, Beautiful person with a booty. I mean it’s kinda a given we all have an ass- I didn’t need to put it on a candle.

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  • Love these! Especially the Kacie story. (Totally worth it!). 🤣
    One of the things I love about Jimmy Buffett is that every song is a story, and every story has a “back story”. So I vote to keep the label back stories coming. 🥰

    Mike Wells
  • I love all of this! I hope to see more new labels, and new scents! You all are awesome!

  • You are a badass yourself! Love your candles. Love the labels. “Go Fuck Yourself” is my
    daily “go to”!
    Fantastic stories.

    Nancy Harrison

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