Hummingbirds & Hilarity

Hummingbirds & Hilarity

Apr 19, 2024Lacie Marsh-Carroll

The only story I have this week is about cake. It was my dad’s 70th birthday and I was in charge of the cake. I took my duties seriously and headed to the bakery. He is a true southerner and has a deep appreciation for the pecan.

We won’t even get into the pronunciation debate- but I am team PE-CAN, my father is team PE-CON. It’s a whole thing in our family.

So, I’m at the bakery scanning the beautiful cakes and see a cream cake with large whole pecans adorning the edges. The cute little sign said ‘Hummingbird Cake’. Interesting I thought. So, I ask the baker lady ‘What is a hummingbird cake’?  She looked at me like this is the dumbest question she has ever heard. So, I’m just standing there looking at her, looking at me, and she says “Really?”

To be fair to her, I’m not a cake person. I like pie. Apple crumb pie is my absolute favorite, but I will make a banana cream pie my bitch if one is set in front of me. Totally beside the point, I’ll get back to the story.

So, I say “Yeah…I’ve never heard of a hummingbird cake. I can’t imagine it is made with actual hummingbirds…I mean, it would take a lot of them to make a whole cake.’

She did not find that funny at AT ALL! This baker lady took her cakes very serious! She said with a blank face, not breaking eye contact “It’s made with banana and pineapple and filled with cream cheese frosting.”

So I say, because now I am feeling feisty, “So……no hummingbirds were harmed in the making of this cake?”

She said flatly “No.”

I say “I’ll take it!” There was absolutely no way in hell I was going to ask her to write anything on it. I paid for the cake and left the bakery. I’m probably not welcome back.

My dad enjoyed the cake very much and we had a grand party.

The other thing that is occupying my week is the continued construction on the candle pouring studio. I officially chose the name Malicious Intent. I have over 70 scents to mix and blend and 20 different vessels to choose from. The classes will range from $40 to $60 depending on the vessel chosen.  It looks soooo good! I found out it is going to take about 3 months to get my wine permit, but I will not be checking anyone’s Stanley cups. 😉

Our Friends and Family soft opening will be May 10th. We are finalizing the reservation system this week to open the studio to the public Saturday May 11 and hopefully be open for Mother’s Day. I will be working all classes that weekend and would love to meet you if you’re local. I'll take some more photos on Sunday when I am in the shop and post on the socials. 

Stay Malicious, 


Candle of the week: May the Bridges I Burn Light The Way

Save $5.00 This Week Only. 


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  • Ermagersh, why do people have to do be so rude when someone doesn’t know what something is?? Everyone has to learn what something is for the first time at some point in their lives.

    Good luck with the candle pouring classes!! I wish I lived near enough to join.

  • I’m going to come from NC with Malicious friends for a girls trip JUST TO SEE YOU and do a class. Can’t wait. Peekin’ Pie is my favorite!!!!

  • May the bridges . . . Is my new fav. It’s pe-con, accent 2nd syllable. You’re welcome.

  • Your stories crack me TF up😂 Never heard of no damn Hummingbird cake😒🤓 Congratulations on tge new shop💪 Stay Malicious 😉☮️✨️💜

    Alicia L Hamons
  • Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor makes the most delicious Hummingbird cake & they ship.

  • I had no idea what a hummingbird cake was either! Looking forward to the candle workshop!

    Brenda Frost

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