A Message From James + A Candle On Sale

A Message From James + A Candle On Sale

May 10, 2024James Carroll

Hi, I am the e-commerce manager here at Malicious Women Co. Or as some of you remember I am the person who accidentally emailed our inventory report to our ENTIRE  mailing list. I have been with Malicious Women Co. since the beginning, considering Lacie is my mother I have seen the ups, downs, and sideways of this business. I first started here folding boxes on the couch, taking a heat gun to the tops of candles in the dining room, Shipping Packages in the garage, and all the way up managing our e-commerce platforms.

Since Mother’s Day is just 2 days away I wanted to write a public thank you to my Mom. You have been an amazing mother, mentor, leader, and parent. You have always encouraged me to chase my dreams and I would not have had the courage to do so without you. You have always been a rock and I cannot thank you enough for being by my side for everything from the arguments as a teenager to showing me how to stay strong through tough shit. You have shown me the ropes of how to run my own business, stand up for myself, as well as how to be a good person. I would not be who I am without you ❤️

P3 What is it like to work at Malicious Women Co?
Working at Malicious Women Co is a unique experience - The only thing I can compare it to is grocery shopping when you are hungry - Some days you just do not know what you are going to get. When I wake up I am almost excited to see what I am going to be learning today, Will I be laying flooring for the new candle-pouring studio, Driving 5 hours to pick up jars, or sitting at my desk and creating content? I find that this working style is perfect for me because My ADHD brain hates repetition. Working here is a very close group - We all work inside the same warehouse and we all have the small business mentality, we do not know the phrase “that is not my job” Now I can’t speak for everyone but for me, it is because I feel recognized when I go above and beyond.

Working with family has its ups and downs, My favorite part about working with my mom is how we can communicate our ideas with each other - We both have raging cases of ADHD which has caused her to pass down the family recipe of brain spaghetti. Some of my favorite moments working here are problem-solving with My mom - since we are both “Fixers” we can ping-pong off each other to come up with often amazing game plans. My mom has helped me grow and develop into a professional powerhouse and become someone proud of my work ethic. The biggest challenge I have faced since working here full time is when I first started getting professional feedback from my mom because she's the person who always picked me up to see the flip was jarring at first but as I can look back at it years later I am nothing but thankful. Ultimately some challenges are faced in working with family but at the end of the day, I am still happy to come to work every day.

I am running out of ideas to write but I can say that working at Malicious Women Co has taught me so many things and has given me years of invaluable experience in a REAL and honest way. Make sure to call your Mom on Sunday and let her know that you love her ❤ Unless your therapist told you not to, they know more than me 😂

If you made it this far with my writing that got a C in english you deserve a discount - Take $5 off of “Mom Thanks For Putting Up With My Shit” Priced from $22-$17. 

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  • To James and Lacie. I am late but happy mother’s to the other mama in my sons life whom he loves and respects a lot. You also showed my son some great work ethics and he loves you very much. Since they was 12 years I alway known they would be great kids we did an great job with these boys. James thank you son for all you do and more your mom and dad shown you so much and I am glad that I been able to watch you grow in to an fine too man and loving on you mama. Now I need to come to the show to get my stuff and tank tops for the summer and I always tell my friends and colleagues where to get great candles. I love you guys keep up the great work

    Shanaka Veasley
  • Okay a little late, but wanted to be in the support train. To: Lacie and James-you are both rock stars!- for being there for each other- and as individuals. Today’s world needs you! Love your product and frame of mind that gives it purpose. Keep it up. Love your candles. Love each other. I have ‘Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History’ going…. Rebel Rose-of course! Ahhh.
    To add to a post from Beth- My mother did not use bad language unless she felt it was necessary to convey ‘a message’. Don’t want to give the idea that she was puritan, (she was actually pretty bad ass for her generation!) dang, I miss her! -but she came from an age where ‘course’ language was frowned on. I remember one curse word she would use was ’well-Fuck-a-roo’. I think it watered down the ‘curse’ but gave her an outlet to use the word! Looks dumb when I type it, but it has some power when you say it!!! Fuck-a-roo. Try it! Everyone needs a safety valve, right?

  • I bought that candle a few years ago, before my Mom passed. I love your candles, attitudes and wonderful viewpoints! Thank you for sharing and caring! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in all their forms out there!
    Bright Blessings!

    Angelia Davidson
  • I’m so proud of you all, keep kicking ass!

  • Happy Mother’s day Lacie, you must be as great at being a mom as business woman, because that son of yours is amazing.
    My mom has been gone for 25 Mother’s days, treasure your mom’s while you can
    Love and light.

  • Isn’t it the dream of all mothers to have your children grow up to be fantastic human beings? Looks like you reached that goal with James. I did, too, with my two amazing offspring. That’s something to celebrate!

  • I have bought candles from y’all for me & my friends & family since I discovered you 4 years ago when I got Covid. (The Fuck This Shit Show box is still my favorite). When James accidentally sent out that email & then apologized in a follow-up email, I replied saying no worries & HE FUCKING REPLIED! It was so personable & sweet.
    If my mother was still alive I would buy that candle for her & then apologize haha. She apologized if she said crap, she NEVER cussed cause her dad was a minister ( & Fuck in all itz many forms has been my favorite word for life. Besides twatwaffle).
    Sorry to prattle on but what an inspirational, entertaining, creative, honest & desperately needed REAL example of what family, business & LOVE can be at itz motherfucking best. I cuss too much too.

  • What an awesome read as we head into thisMother’s Day weekend🥰Your letter makes me proud to be a supporter of MWC, your amazing Mom and you! Love ya’ll, your messaging, your products!

  • OK, that line about “unless your therapist told you not to” made me almost spit water all over my laptop. LOL. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. You are both so lucky to have each other.

  • James, you are a kid ANY parent would be proud to have!

    Lacie, you are incredibly blessed to have James as your kid!


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