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Your Anxiety Is Lying To You - Bangle Bracelet

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Anna K.H.
Awesome Reminder

Sometimes life throws some real shit your way. This bangle is a good reminder to breathe and take the anxiety down a notch or 12. I look at it multiple times a day and it actually helps.

Kimberly G.

So a few years ago a cousin of mine gave me a thin tin bracelet she and our other cousin found while walking around Nepal. They thought I’d like it. From the second I put it on til the second it broke I wore it. It helped remind me that there were people out there who loved me and would think of me just because, and think kindly of me. It broke at the beginning of quarantine: and since then I’ve been looking for something to replace that weight on my wrist, but everything seemed too gaudy or had really weird sayings on it. I came across the ad for this bracelet on Facebook and decided I would try it. This lovely bracelet is thin enough not to be a hinderance but heavy enough to let me know there’s something there. In just the few weeks I’ve been wearing it it has definitely gotten a bit banged up but all that does is reduce the shine which is fine with me. I loved the arrows stamped on the ends because I didn’t even notice them in the ad and because I technically wear the bracelet backwards it gives the front of my wrist a bit if decoration. In case you can’t tell, I love this bracelet and highly recommend it. Thank you.

Carrie R.

I absolutely love my new bracelets. I bought two for my daughter as well. They are well made and I have gotten many compliments on them! Shipping was also super quick! Well worth it, would 100% buy from them again ❤️

Sasha M.
The perfect gift.

It was the perfect gift for the right person. She put it on right away and started to tear up a little. It will be a good mantra for her.

Jasmine C.
Gift for a friend

I bought the bangle as a gift for a friend and she was so exited when she received it!