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Malicious Women Candle Co.

Unfuckwithable - Infused with "A Resting Bitch Face" Scent: Grapefruit & Mint

$22.00 USD

Unfuckwithable - Infused with "A Resting Bitch Face" Scent Grapefruit & Mint

They can try to fuck with you, but you're Unfuckwithable!

Scent: Grapefruit & Mint

The scent that had to happen. We paired 2 of the most crisp scents on the planet to give you the sweet taste of juicy grapefruit and the cool snap of mint in one jar. 


See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 8oz, 40-hour burn time candles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Mr. C.
Dont try and fuck with me

Grapefruit, check, mint, check, cant be fucked with big check. I tried fucking with this candle, however it is truly unfuckwithable. I should make make up more words for describing Phalrepcolodian.

Jacquelyn D.R.
Great scent

This candle has a great scent that helps make the house enjoyable. Not too overpowering. Oh course, the title of the candle makes me smile.

Annette G.
Love this scent

It's uplifting and makes the whole room smell bright and cheerful. Definitely a new favorite.

Beth E.
There's not a day I don't get accused of having one....

And now everyone knows why... I'm Unfuckwithable (I want a t-shirt that says this too). When employees come in my office to complain or whine, or whatever it is they do, my room smells good that all they can focus on is the nice smell! Rebel Rose is my favorite, in probably the entire world, but this one comes in a close second.

Mary M.
Unfuckwithable is Unfuckingbelievable

I got this candle with the Grapefruit and Mint scent. The scent is so clean and crisp. I love it. So far, everyone I have showed the candle to wants one. The candle burns cleanly.