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Not Today, Mansplainer- Infused With "Well-Earned Confidence" Scent: Take A Hike

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**Limited Edition** Not Today, Mansplainer- Infused With "Well-Earned Confidence " Scent Take A Hike

 Thank you Rob Monroe for mansplaining BLM and how I am ruining my business. Please see the attached Fan Mail he took the time to write to us. 

Please correct the letter and post online with #staymalicious and #ronmunroeisamoron. I will share them in my stories on FB and IG. 

Warning: the grammar crimes and word salad just adds to the overall charm of this letter. 

Candle Credit: Amy Fitzgerald submitted via Facebook Post: See It Here

Scent: Take A Hike

This beautiful blend is unlike any other scent we’ve blended. It's bright wildflower, living green moss, and the sophisticated scents of cedar & pine that is strong without being overpowering. Spring is coming...smell the great outdoors without the hassle of that pesky exercise. 


See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 8oz, 40-hour burn time candles.


Customer Reviews

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Georgia B.

Not Today, Mansplainer- Infused With "Well-Earned Confidence " Scent: Take A Hike

Another epic candle from an epic company!

Smells delish, inspires my heart and mind, and lights the way! What more could I ask from a candle. Love this company. I send them for gifts all the time. My friends love getting them.

Denise A.

Love everything about this shop!! Always happy to support fellow women!

Lisa G.
Love the theme and LOVE the scent

One of my three favorite scents! These are actually impressive candles as they. burn for ages . 😊

Heather V.
Yes, yes, yes!

I am so fired up today after leaving the women's march in DC so this is perfect to share my review... The sentiment is perfect- Not Today Mansplainer or any other day asshole. The scent is also delightful and perfect for the season 🌲