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Freshly Signed Divorce Papers - Infused with "Independence"

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Freshly Signed Divorce Papers - Infused with "Independence"

Embrace the liberating feeling of newfound independence with our Freshly Signed Divorce Papers candle. This candle captures the essence of strength and resilience. The added touch of "Independence" celebrates the journey of reclaiming your life and embracing a fresh start. Light this candle as a symbol of freedom, reminding yourself of the strength it took to move forward and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

  • 9 ounce certified organic, 100% soy candle

  • No wax blends, additives, or fillers

  • Amber apothecary jar - because laughter really is medicine

  • Cotton wick with a braided core

  • Non-toxic, Bio-Grade (A) essential and fragrance oils

See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 9oz, 40+hour burn time candles.