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Filtering The Fucks - infused with "Appropriate Office Behavior"

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Filtering The Fucks - infused with "Appropriate Office Behavior"

Maintain a professional and composed demeanor in the workplace with our Filtering The Fucks candle. The added touch of "Appropriate Office Behavior" serves as a reminder to stay composed and navigate workplace dynamics with grace. Light this candle as a tool to center yourself and maintain a sense of calm amidst the occasional office chaos, creating a serene ambiance that supports your productivity and professionalism.

  • 9 ounce certified organic, 100% soy candle

  • No wax blends, additives, or fillers

  • Amber apothecary jar - because laughter really is medicine

  • Cotton wick with a braided core

  • Non-toxic, Bio-Grade (A) essential and fragrance oils

See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 9oz, 40+hour burn time candles.