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But First...Wine - Infused with "Long-Ass Days" Scent: Cabernet All Day

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But First...Wine - Infused with "Long-Ass Days" Scent: Cabernet All Day (Sweet Red Wine)

No, you can't light this in the car on the way home--but we don't blame you for trying. Wine though- keep that shit in a flask and drink at stoplights! 
***Super Kidding! Please DO NOT drink and drive!*** You'll be home in like an hour with traffic….So there is time to drink alone, in the fetal position, crying because you have to go back tomorrow.

Scent: Cabernet All Day

True wine connoisseurs enjoy with all their senses which is why we pour a strong sweet grape aroma and hints of strawberries and sugar into your glass (jar). Has a great scent throw!


See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 8oz, 40-hour burn time candles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Elizabeth T.

I bought a total of 5 candles and they all smell beautiful. My family really got a kick out the different quotes on them too. I most definitely will buy more candles in the future!!!

Hailey E.
Excited to Give The Candle as a Gift

Loved the candle. The scent is a little more faded than I thought, but excited to give it as a gift.

Cheri P.
Loved the candles!

It’s hard to order candles online, when you can’t actually enjoy the smell in person! I love these! And they are beautiful to look at! Merry Christmas to all of you! Thank you so much! Cheri Pelnar

Nancy B.

Love the scent - not overwhelming!

Dianne S.
Love you!

You are amazing!