Dystopian Hellscapes & The War On Women

Dystopian Hellscapes & The War On Women

Feb 23, 2024Lacie Marsh-Carroll

The War on Women

I have an idea the War on Women started. Imagine an exclusive club for wealthy men. A roaring fire, the finest spirits, cigars, every desire taken care of by others. Not one hand marred by manual labor or hard work.

The talk turns to women and how to control them. They mourn the “good old days” when everyone knew their place. But these ULTRA-conservatives talked through their “problem”. They came up with a plan; a plan so simple, so diabolical, they knew it would work.

So, these men, the creators of this dystopian hellscape we now have, quietly went about stacking the courts with radical, puritanical people who all had the same goal in mind: to not stop until all woman were stripped of their autonomy.

And it is working.

Get In | Sit Down | Hold on

You and I need to have a serious conversation about what’s happening in the US court system. I can’t believe our daughters have less rights today than we did at their age. In the year 2024. What the fuck is happening?

I’m done. I’m tired of the bullshit. I’m tired of the stress-induced insomnia, the senseless killings, the idea that “thoughts and prayers” are enough, and the knowledge of women not being in control of our own damn bodies. And unless we do something, it’s only going to get worse.

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Welcome to The Shit Show

Are you paying attention to what’s happening at the Supreme Court? If not, you need to because our rights AND our lives depend on it. There are multiple instances of carefully crafted lawsuits created specifically to slide up to the Supreme Court. A court which has a 6-3 conservative majority right now: The Sinister 6 and three liberals.

Just by the sheer volume and type of lawsuits, the conservatives are telling us what rights they’d like to strip from women to keep all to themselves. Things like reproductive rights, how and when to have children, and basic life choice autonomy.

The Supreme Court is now stacked with nutjobs appointed by the leaders of The Shit Show. And they are fixin’ to decimate our rights. There are too many cases to talk about here, but want to point out five that might give you that tingly feeling you get on the back of your neck right before you vomit.

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Future Supreme Court Cases

  • The Alabama Supreme Court recently decided that frozen embryos can now be considered children. Are you having trouble conceiving? Were you hoping to use IVF? Not in Alabama you’re not. They not only don’t want you having control on your body, you shouldn’t be able to control your eggs when they are outside your body.
  • A North Dakota State Court found that the state’s total abortion ban should stand while there’s a lawsuit in the court system. Because a woman’s health issue, like, oh…death, isn’t as important as her giving birth. Who wants control over whether you live or die? They
  • In January 2023, the South Carolina Supreme Court threw out the state’s 6-week abortion ban. In August 2023, the same court let an almost identical bill stand. What changed? The judges on the court changed. So, what do conservatives do if they don’t get the decisions they want? They control who makes the decisions.

 Two Important AF Cases at the Supreme Court

A woman’s right to make decisions regarding her own body is a popular opinion among the women here in the U.S. Go figure, right? It makes sense to be as quiet as you can when trying to decimate someone else’s rights. How would one quietly go about undermining those rights? Control how women make decisions.

Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. This lawsuit was created to chip away at how women have abortions. Medication Abortion is the most common, with over 50% of total abortions done this way. Medical Abortion uses two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol.

During the pandemic, the Biden Administration, allowed people to buy the drugs over the counter and through mail order. Now, a lawsuit about prohibiting mifepristone is at the Supreme Court. If they can’t pass laws because of negative views from the general population, they’ll just limit your options. Fuck your abortion laws!

If you’re not alarmed/pissed off/outraged by now, this case should do it:

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United States v. Rahimi. This lawsuit is about violent domestic offenders and their right to bear arms. True story, I don’t make this stuff up. A man was arrested after he assaulted and threatened to kill his girlfriend. When arresting him, the police found guns at his house. A law, created in 1986, made it illegal for someone with a restraining order against them to own or possess guns.

So, the man, Rahimi, was arrested and promptly sued the U.S. for infringing on his second amendment rights. And it’s made it all the way to the Supreme Court. If that doesn’t tell you how little our lives mean to The Shit Show leaders, I don’t know what else will.

The Supreme Court is the end of the road for appeals. According to supremecourt.gov, “the Court is charged with ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under law.” Really? So, what does that mean to you? Why is a man’s right to bear arms more important than a woman’s right to live? That makes no sense to me.

I’ve Had Crunchwraps More Supreme Than This Court

The utter fucktastrophy of today’s politics is appalling. There are 6 sinister psychos who want to control the rest of us, especially us women who have thoughts and opinions.

  • I happen to believe there needs to be a clear separation of church and state. Stop trying to legislate my body and freedoms based on your
  • I happen to believe there needs to be governmental oversight and the power to enforce laws. Because corporations and the greedy won’t make the best decisions for anybody but themselves.
  • I happen to believe that there’s a need for common-sense gun control. Because the only reason to have automatic weapons, or bump stocks, is to kill a lot of people quickly. Like at the next insurrection or mass shooting. *Side note, I am a handgun owner.

They Just Don’t Give a Shit

It doesn’t matter what most Americans want. They won’t stop. Because this isn’t about being “pro-life.” Nothing about The War on Women is about loving human life. It’s about control. Because there’s nothing more powerful than controlling The Creators of Every Living Thing: females.

But we still have time to slow things down. There’s still time to try and stop the assault. We can take a page out of their playbook. Starting today, we won’t stop until we have full autonomy. We’ll just be a little louder.

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Let’s Cancel This Shit Show

I get so angry sometimes, when I look around, that I want to rage at the people who created this Shit Show. And I have to stop, take a deep breath, and think. What can I do about it? I’m just one woman who’s not rich so I work a lot.

Here are a few things we can try:

  • This is the one thing everyone can do. Don’t listen to those that say your vote doesn’t count. Yes, it does. That’s why they try and make it harder to vote. Vote every time you can. Local and national. Because we need to vote these fuckers out of office.
  • Run for office. This is for young people, especially Gen Z. You give me hope. Run for everything you can, because nothing is going to change if it’s always the same kinds of people running the show. It’s time for a regime change.
  • Spend time and/or give money to organizations that are fighting for us every day: The Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, Equality Now, and so many more.
  • Pay attention. Bad things happen in the dark. Shine a light on it at every level of the government.
  • Be outspoken. Be loud. Follow your heart. Be true to yourself. Do epic shit. Be rebellious. We are stronger than the bullshit. We can make a difference.

And please, for the love of all things maternal, VOTE!

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Stay Malicious, 


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Comments (8)

  • Unfuckingbelieveable! It is Handmade’s Tale, come to life! Every female should be rising up. Where are we?! I’m a Dr, mother of 4 grown kids, very outspoken on all things and I feel like a lone soldier! Thank you for using your platform to raise your voice! We should all use every social platform available to encourage the younger generation to vote! My 4, ages 23,27,29 and 31 will never vote for The Shit Show! They should not even be allowed to run! In the olden days, if someone pulled his shit, he would have had a musket to the head! What does this say about Americans?!? Terrifying!!😱😱😱

    Julie Spaniel
  • Well said! And every word is true. I am astounded and stressed by the horrifying state of politics in this country, disgusted by any woman who is OK with what prolifers are doing, and so worried for my two young nieces about what type of world they might have to live in. I’m also a proud handgun owner, but have never understood why anyone thinks they need an AR15 or similar weapon. Such frightening and stressful and mind-boggling times in the supposed land of the free. Thank you for everything you do – and say – Lacie! Vote blue everyone!!

    Gail WT
  • As a man, I am disgusted with the way that this country has taken rights away from women in different States and countrywide. I my mind, men and women are equals and as men, we should be standing with them to ensure that their rights are returned. Conservatism is making women nothing but cattle and it has to stop. We are all human beings and should always complete autonomy over all our bodies, men and women equally. A woman’s reproductive rights should be between her and her doctor and no one else. I am so sorry that the patriarchy and people in general have made this a part of everyday life in this country. It needs to stop, NOW!

    Dean Longhurst
  • Thank you so much for sharing this email with us. You have said exactly what my daughter and I are feeling, along with every other female in my family. I am constantly ‘preaching’ according to some about women’s rights and how much we, of an earlier generation, fought for our rights through demonstrations, boycotts, votes, education, etc. I am appalled at what is starting up again in our country. And, I am ashamed of the women who support this demeaning and morally inept behavior. I will continue to fight the fight for this and future generations. Again, thank you!

  • Waves oppression are slowly drowning me. Your message today threw me a bouy. Thanks. Keep up the good fight.

    Respectfully yours

    Regina. Engineering Queen of Mean

    I’m from Alabama and I don’t get it at all. Gerrymandering is real, folks. My county votes one way but they tie it in with people so whacky we get people like Tea Party people as our representatives.

    We will leave.

  • Thank you so much for this info! A lot of women do not realize how much is being taken away from us! The rights will be gone and people will be saying “how did that happen??” It is happening now! Vote people, donate and write emails/letters! If you don’t do something soon, you’ll be able to watch Handmaid’s Tale as a history lesson! Thank you, Lacie for all you do!

    Vera Dunwoody
  • Gawd, I love it. Besides Penzeys (spice folks in Wisconsin who are also calling bullshit on the Republicans..plus have great spices!), I love a company that calls out idiots.

    Keep up the fabulous work!!

    Marla Deere

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