Amazon, Agony, and Apathy

Amazon, Agony, and Apathy

Nov 10, 2023Lacie Marsh-Carroll

The last couple of weeks have been so wild! It started with a phone call to Missy, the owner and founder of Twisted Wares. We were discussing the newest changes to one of our 3rd party selling sites and we both said we needed a vacation. She joked she was ready to get in her car and drive to Seattle and I said I’m ready to jump on a plane and fly to Dallas. We laughed a little and I said “you know what? Fuck it! I’m coming down this weekend!” And I did.

She booked us in a charming hotel that had an outdoor firepit and we just sat around the fire laughing and telling stories of small business life all weekend. It was perfect and the refuel I needed.

Lacie & Missy - Twisted Wares

I came home Sunday evening, unpacked and accidentally started a new show. I kept seeing the Blacklist on my FYP on Netflix and thought I’d just watch the first episode.

5 hours later, I looked up and it was midnight. I get up at 5am everyday and knew my Monday was fucked. Not regular fucked, but SUPER-fucked, like Monday was going to be wearing a cape.

I drug my ass in, plugged in my laptop, opened my email and there it was. THE EMAIL.

 Amazon sent a notice that the shipment they picked up the previous Thursday was rescheduled. I immediately got scared! They had picked up 5,000 candles, our inventory to support Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The best part is Amazon won’t let us start an investigation until December 25th!

amazon dispute

You can see the TikTok we made here.


Amazon Tracking

Since there is nothing we can do except nod slowly and while muttering “Sounds about right” here we are. How can Amazon reschedule a pickup AFTER they already picked up our cargo and signed for it? This is a new one for me! 

Photographic evidence Amazon picked up the 'Cargo.'

Amazon Pick Up

Start a business they said. It will be fun they said.

 This week’s $15 candle is Fuck It infused with Just Fuck It, because…Fuck it!

Coupon Code: FUCKIT

Have a great weekend & Stay Malicious, 



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Comments (4)

  • My FuckIt candle has been burning all week because life is annoying. I don’t deal with Damazon if I can help it; I would much rather order from your website directly. Bezos can get his megayacht money from someone else. BTW, this candle is one of my favorites!

    Jena G
  • Hmm, I wonder if Amazon would move faster if you filed a stolen property report with your local PD…?It’s absolute BS that they say they’ll deal with you after Christmas. Um, no, now, you lying thieves.

  • Fuck it about the shipment! Seriously. Ordering my candle tonight! Somebody asked me how it was going and I rattled off the shirt our family it dealing with- youngest son, 24, having his 5th pilonoidal cyst surgery in Dec.(I call it a buttectomy), I am having right eye cataract surgery 12/11, da hubs has been diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears and picks up his Lamborghini style hearing aids Monday, my middle son celebrated 1 yr 1 month post heart transplant (bugger is 26), and the oldest and his wife are nurses in Yosemite Valley! My friend just said, “Damn”, we she asked…lol. So I will order a “”Fuck It• candle or two. Hugs!, Vicki

    Vicki Lucas
  • What a wild ride! Amazon is super fucky (not the cape-wearing super, either) on their best day, so sorry the were extraordinarily shit-tastic right before the dang holidays! You will, however, LOVE Blacklist. I just finished the series and am devastated that it is done. This BAB hopes your holidays are much less chaotic. ✊️ Be well!

    Gina J

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