Malicious Women Candle Co.

Team Bear Infused With The Missing Point Scent: Take A Hike


I'm Team Bear Infused With The Point Men Seem To Keep Missing. 

Scent: Exclusively in Take A Hike. Take a Hike is an incredible blend of juicy fig, fresh cedar with a bottom note of earthy moss. This is my own custom blend you will not find anywhere else. 

This Limited Edition Candle was created after the viral videos of women emphatically choosing to be alone in the woods with a bear rather than a face a man alone. 

The online reactions of some men are hilarious! They can't imagine women would choose a bear rather than take their chances with an unknown, approaching male hiker. 

Fun Facts:

Since 1784 there have been 82 fatal human/bear attacks in the United States.

Today, A woman is assaulted every 68 seconds in the United States by a man. 

I choose Bear! 

Stay Malicious & Safe!

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