"You Grow Girl" Herb Planter


Everything you need to grow a custom herb kit at any time of the year! Growing your own fresh herbs is kind of bad-ass! Our Malicious Herb Gift Boxes supply everything needed to produce edibles right in the kitchen - perfect for urban dwellers or someone that can only keep one plant alive at a time.
  • 9oz reusable Amber Apothecary Jar
  • 7oz Organic Potting Soil
  • 1oz Drainage Rocks
  • 5-10 Organic, Non-GMOHerb Seeds
  • One Reusable, Cotton Logo Drawstring Bag

Malicious Planting Instructions:
Step One: Pour a Glass Of Wine.
This has nothing to do with herb growing, but is a good 1st step in any DIY project.

Step Two: UnPack All The Maliciousness.
Unpack all the items in your “You Grow Girl” box and lay all items out on a flat surface. Unscrew the lid from the jar and either recycle or keep the lid for future use. Take a sip of wine.

Step Three: Place The Tiny Rocks In The Jar.
Because the jars do not have holes for drainage, starting with a layer of rocks will prevent roots from damage from excess water. Reward yourself with a wine break.

Step Four: Carefully Pour The Dirt In The Jar.
Unlike soil, potting mix is a planting medium that includes lighter organic material like peat, composts and perlite. Our organic potting mix provides excellent moisture retention and will ensure your herbs have the best chance of survival. Fill jars with potting mix to 1 inch below the jar rim. Drink more wine.

Step Five: Plant The Seeds Of Change.
Gently place 3-4 seeds in a small circle on the surface of the soil. You can use a chop stick or a pencil to push the seeds about ¼” below the surface of the soil. Gently water the seeds until the top of the soil is moist. Do not over water, a little goes a long way! You should be just about done with your first glass of wine.

Step Six: Don't Throw Shade:
Your new little babies will need about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Place your container in a place with full sun, but also in a place where you will remember to water them. Don’t murder plants- it’s kind of an asshole thing to do. Your herbs have a full life ahead of them and they will reward you for keeping them alive. They particularly love to give back in the form of Mint Juleps, Caprese Salad or a delicious Saturday morning Bloody Mary.