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We Don't Lick People. - Infused With "The Lies Adults Tell Children" Scent: Frooty Loops

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Mood Lifter

I totally would have kept this one for myself! Fruity Crazy yummy smells...I gave as a gift to dear friend who was having the worst day, week, year ever. Two funerals in one week, sewer line broke, sister rushed to ER for COVID Vaccine complications. Malicious Women Co. Prevailed and provided much needed change in perspective 🤘🏼

Love It!

Candles burn well and are long lasting. Scent is amazing!

Susan S.
Oooooooohhhhh I hate fruit loops!

If you hate fruit loops, do not buy this candle. I bought it for someone who loves them and they LOVE LOVE LOVE the candle. They also have 2 small boys; so they appreciate the name too!

Pete G.
Haven't had the chance to "NOT" lick the intended adult yet...But...

In the meantime, Awesome creativity displayed with all the candle sayings! Allows you to say what you wanna say (but maybe shouldn't) in a fun way! Great looking candle, labeling, & packaging! You Malicious Mamas display a great sense of humor! Wonderful Job.
P.S. The "Pure Maliciousness" warning label is accurate...may have caused some issues on the 3rd Floor at XXXXX Hospital after delivering the "Because Patients..." candles. About 20 minutes later there must have been 20 nurses/docs huddled around the nurses station checking out the candles & the website laughing while browsing! *They Market themselves... Pure Genius!

Kerry A.
Fruity for Frooty Loops

One of my favorite scents. Smells like a fresh box of fruity cereal. This sweet and delicious aroma filled my living room and made me so happy and hungry! There’s no way you can’t be happy when you smell this! I absolutely love this scent and totally adore the label.