The Malicious Bestie Tins


About our 4oz Bestie Tin Candles 
Perfect for birthdays, a girl’s night gift exchange, or to thank your squad for putting up with your shit on your special day. Our vintage-inspired tin soy candles are made with all-natural soy wax, cotton wicks, quality fragrance oils, and recyclable packaging. They're hand-poured and hand-labeled in small batches at our Malicious Shop in Lake Stevens, WA.

Unlike our other candles, the Malicious team have taken the guesswork out of picking a scent. Each label comes exclusively in the scent listed below. These 4 scents have been thoroughly tested and they are well…A-Mazing!

 Available in the following labels:

  • Athletic AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Blunt AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Caffeinated AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Doomed AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Drunk AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Empowered AF in Lilac Garden
  • Extra AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Feisty AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Fierce AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Hood AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Hungry AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Keto AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Late AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Malicious AF in Lilac Garden
  • Medicated AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Obsessed AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Punny AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Salty AF in Lilac Garden
  • Snarky AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Sober AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Stoned AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Tatted AF in Oakmoss & Amber
  • Tired AF in Hot Apple Pie
  • Unfiltered AF in Cherry Bomb
  • Woke AF in Oakmoss & Amber

Burn Instructions & Tips: Our tins perform best when allowed to burn for 2-3 hours max. The tins will get warm, which will melt your wax faster.