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No. 3- I Am Done Talking About It- DIY Intention Candle Making Kit

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Manifest your own Intentions with your own energy. Energy is what the world is made of and your personal energy has the most power to affect the energy around you. You could purchase pre-made intention-setting candles, but you will be bringing in another person's energy into your space. Our Malicious Women Co- intentions kit allows you to use your own powerful energy to manifest what you truly need. 

The goal of the Malicious Intentions line is to encourage you to focus your inner power on creating a life you love. It's ok to ask for what you want and to tell self-doubt to fuck off. Most affirmations are so cringy and woo-woo, it is difficult to take them seriously. Malicious Intentions focuses on the words we should be saying to ourselves, not some overused, rose-gold social media meme.

Being a Malicious Woman has nothing to do with the classic definition of 'Malicious'. Rather, being Malicious means being unapologetic, our truest self. It means we stop apologizing for our feelings and stop allowing the shame and guilt that comes from caring about the judgment of others to play on repeat in our heads. It is taking back certain words and changing those definitions to mean brave, empowered, and bold. We are finally free to show the world who we are.

No. 3- I Am Done Talking About It

Scent: Energy- The bright citrus of grapefruit is paired with jasmine and rose to be both energizing and motivational.

This 20+ Piece Candle Making Kit Contains: 

  • 10 oz candle vessel
  • 8 oz container Melt & Pour pre-scented soy wax (1st pour)
  • 1.5 oz container Melt & Pour pre-scented soy wax (2nd Pour)
  • pre-tabbed cotton wick
  • double-sided wick sticker
  • clothespin for wick setting
  • front candle label 4>< customizable back candle label
  • affirmation card
  • reusable logo drawstring bag
  • Malicious logo sticker
  • bay leaf
  • large intention crystal
  • bag of mini-intention crystals
  • bags of herbs, as noted on the candle label
  • explanation card
  • instruction sheet
  • Limited Edition Treasure Chest (first 500 orders only)

Instruction video can be found here if it doesn't load in the images below:

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful kit

Purchased as a gift. So beautifully put together I am having a hard time letting it go. Might be a selfish witch and keep it for myself. Oh and the fragrance is AMAZING!

Love this

I love everything about this kit. It was released at the exact moment in my life that I needed it. The directions were easy to follow and the end product is amazing. Thank you so much for creating these kits!