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Malicious Women Co. - Exclusive Scent Of The Month - Subscription Box

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Sophia D.

I love this scent and this subscription box! I’m so looking forward to more!

Mr. C.
Christmas morning all over my face

I love the smell of christmas morning, especially when I can spray it everywhere I go. Every house I enter will soon become the land of excitement and joy, as my Christmas morning spray is showered across the room(s). I can try not to get it in other peoples eyes, but, even if I did, the joy of the smell on their face would allow laughter and happiness (and some numbness) for at least several hours.

Sean L.
Better than expected

The review title is an understatement. There has not been a single scent we did not like, and most of the scents we love. My wife especially likes the room sprays included with the subscription.

My wife was skeptical when I told her I purchased this for a valentines day gift but has loved it since the first month's scent arrived.

I'll always rate this company five stars

But I wasn't super thrilled with my last surprise box. Only because the only one scent I cannot stand was included. But it's a gamble when you want a good deal. It will make a good gift for some old lady sometime down the road, hopefully she knows Spanish, because the label was all in Spanish too:)

Stephanie M.

I love everything about Malicious Women Co. ! Thank you for another wonderful candle!