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Malicious Women Candle Co.

Malicious Women Co. - Exclusive Scent Of The Month - Subscription Box

$25.00 USD

Orders for the current month are closed on the 20th of each month. Sub Boxes ordered on the 21st or after will ship on the 5th of the next month. 

Do you want a super malicious & exclusive scent delivered to your doorstep each month that is as special as you are?

Our Scent Of The Month Subscription boxes will literally light up your life. 

Each luxurious scent is available for one month only & exclusively to our subscription box members! Each scent comes with a card from Lacie explaining why she created this scent and why it is important to her. 

The malicious fun doesn't stop with worry-free autopay. 

Shipping is FREE on all subscription boxes!

2021 Scents:

No. 13 Smoky Quartz

No. 14 Pink Sugar

No. 15 Brownie Batter

No. 16 Spring Cleaning

No. 17 Sugared Petals

No. 18 Losing My Rind

No. 19 Island Coconut

No. 20 Cottage Sunflower

No. 21 Autumn Storm

No. 22 Banana Nut Bread

No. 23 Queen Bee SOLD OUT, If you order before the 21st of the month we will substitute a past Scent Of The Month.


We offer three product subscription options:

  1. Exclusive Candle Of The Month
  2. Exclusive Room Spray & Wax Melt Of The Month
  3. Exclusive Candle & Room Spray & Candle Of The Month

You have the option to choose option 1 or 2, but you can also subscribe to both to get the Candle, Room Spray & Wax Melt with option 3.  If you are already subscribed to one and want to add the other, simply select the additional option and click "Add to Existing Subscription" (be sure you are logged in to add to existing subscription).


Candle Subscription

  • Candle – Month To Month - $25

Room Spray & Wax Melt Subscription

  • Room Spray & Wax Melt – Month To Month - $20

Candle & Room Spray & Wax Melt Subscription

  • Candle & Room Spray & Wax Melt – Month To Month - $40

Note: We do not offer returns or exchanges on SOTM subscription candles if you do not prefer the scent. I have blended each scent to cover a wide variety of noses and you may not like each one personally, however; it is fun to collect all the numbers. 

As always, we stand behind our candles and will replace the candles in case of damage or a defect. The candle will be replaced with the same scent if it is still available. Damage must be reported within 2 weeks of receipt. 

 Please review our Scent Of The Month FAQ if you have any questions!

We apologize for the inconvenience but we cannot ship monthly subscriptions to international addresses. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Christine H.
The gift that keeps giving!

I ordered the monthly subscription for my daughter. I love hearing what sent she received. Each one has been unique. She (and I) are both enjoying this gift. The packaging is the best.

Amy E.
Awesome product, even better customer service

I joined the scent of the month club several months ago and I love the scents. This month, all I received in my box was a candle. I emailed about the room spray and wax melts missing, and I received an answer very quickly and received my replacement a few days later. Thanks so much!

Sophia D.

I love this scent and this subscription box! I’m so looking forward to more!

Mr. C.
Christmas morning all over my face

I love the smell of christmas morning, especially when I can spray it everywhere I go. Every house I enter will soon become the land of excitement and joy, as my Christmas morning spray is showered across the room(s). I can try not to get it in other peoples eyes, but, even if I did, the joy of the smell on their face would allow laughter and happiness (and some numbness) for at least several hours.

Sean L.
Better than expected

The review title is an understatement. There has not been a single scent we did not like, and most of the scents we love. My wife especially likes the room sprays included with the subscription.

My wife was skeptical when I told her I purchased this for a valentines day gift but has loved it since the first month's scent arrived.