Make Cancer Your Bitch - Gift Box


*Limited Quantity* 

$5 of every Cancer box and $2.00 of every candle sold will be donated to the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk MWCC is participating in on October 27th.

Cancer F'n Sucks! 

When I was going through my double mastectomy, my friend Laura made me laugh non-stop. We made really terrible boob jokes but mostly she kept my spirits up. She flew in several times from Georgia just to be by my side. She held my hair while I threw up from the meds and rubbed my back until I was able to get my shit together and make my way back to my chair. I made this box to honor those battling breast cancer, going through a mastectomy or any type of breast disease. This candle is my tribute to all the besties that promise to throat punch the next bitch that tells you you can have some of her boobs (actual promise from Laura - that was true friendship). Also, never EVER say that to any woman going through a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It ranks right up there with "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and "Everything happens for a reason."


The Make Cancer Your Bitch - Gift Box Includes:

(1) 9oz 45-hour burn candle - I Promise to throat punch the next bitch that says you can have some of her boobs in Pink Grapefruit.

100% soy wax with no fillers. All cotton wick - no black smoke or toxins released while burning. Natural Pink grapefruit scent- no perfumey, headache causing scents. 

(1) Pair of cotton socks to keep your feet warm while you're kicking cancer's ass. (Assorted styles) 

(1) Pink Ribbon - Cancer Picked the Wrong Bitch (bath) Bomb. Lightly scented for those that are sensitive to smells. My first bath after my drain tubes came out and my incisions were healed was the best bath of my life!

(1) Where The Fuck Did I Leave My Keys - keychain or weapon of choice when someone who means well, says something stupid like calling your mastectomy a MotherF'n journey. I hated that! A journey is a trip taken by choice- this was a hostage situation (Laura quote). 

(1) Informed Consent Pen. Because So. Many. Signatures!  Yes, we get it don't want to be sued (initial here and here and sign here).