Go Smudge Yourself - Ceremony Box



Includes the 'step-by-step guide to sage the bullshit' book written by Lacie Marsh-Carroll (Malicious Women Candle Co- Founder) 

You’re not alone. We all feel the weight of anxiety, depression, a heart-break or just this overwhelming sense of negativity in our lives. You may feel a sense of blah or you may know exactly who or where this bullshit is coming from. Regardless if you know the source, we must let that shit go! Holding on to the negativity will only cause spinning thoughts, obsessive overthinking and you won’t be able to heal your mind, body or physical space. 

The act of smudging for me is not only to clear my mind, body and home of the fucking toxic energy that is consuming me, but it gives me a mission. I have intent. I have a goal with a plan, and if any of you know me, this bitch loves a good plan. When I smudge the bullshit, I feel in control. I feel brave. I feel the universe’s power and the acceptance that I am an active participant in my own life. I no longer feel like “life” is happening to me, but rather I am taking control of my own destiny and willing good shit to happen to me. And you know what? It feels damn good. I repeat my mother f’n manifesta until I believe it. I then go shower, put on pretty panties, grab my sunglasses and am ready for whatever comes next! Bring it on! 


I put this “Go Smudge Yourself” kit together from my heart. Each item was chosen with intention. 
There is a spirit in all of nature and creation, each thing representing a different aspect of divinity and sacredness. Therefore, we honor the elements, and all natural things, from plants and minerals, to animals and people.

 (2) Ritual Candles.The candle flame represents the fire element. The pure soy wax represents the earth element. The small candle is for lighting to focus energy and ignite the smudge stick. The large candle is used during reflection. 

• (1) White Sage Smudge Stick. Sage represents the earth element and when burned, the smoke from it represents the air element.

• (1) Abalone shell. The shell represents the water element.

(1) Vial Of Matches. The matches represent the fire element. The wood from the match stick also represents the earth element.

• (1) Black & White Eagle Feather. This represents the air element. The black (to remove negativity) & white (invite purification) feather is used to direct the wafting smoke during the smudging process.



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