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Malicious Women Co.

Diffuse It! 4 oz Reed Diffuser -Gift Boxed

$25.00 USD

Diffuse It! With Our New Long-Lasting Malicious Reed Diffusers.

To diffuse a situation literally means to settle, calm, or make less dangerous an extremely tense, hostile, or volatile situation. The Malicious Women sat around a table one night and made a list of all the shitty things in this world we would like to see less of. Our reed diffusers serve as a reminder to us, and hopefully to all of you, to keep going, to continue to fight even when it seems hopeless (like 2020 being an election year while the world is on fire during a global pandemic).

Our Malicious Reed Diffusers are the perfect flameless fragrance alternative. Reed diffusers are a great way to enjoy your favorite Malicious scent and sass when lighting a candle isn't preferred or allowed.

Our diffusers are best in dorm rooms, bathrooms, shoe closets or your personal workspace as they emit aroma (and sass) subtly, so the scent is never too overpowering. Malicious reed diffusers will last for several months, with virtually no maintenance.

There are no parts to turn on, light up, plug in, blow out, or spray. There’s no flame or heat to potentially cause damage – making it a safe alternative to candles (which should never be left unattended).

You may regulate the scent intensity & longevity to your personal taste through the number of reeds you insert and by how frequently you turn them. The more reeds you use and the more often you turn them over, the stronger the scent in the space will be.

Our Reed Diffuser Box Contains:

4oz, amber brown, apothecary style glass bottle
7 Naturally dyed (with minerals) brown rattan reeds
Bio-grade essential and fine fragrance oils
Moisture and oil resistant label
Recyclable and branded packaging perfect for gift giving
Scent lasts 4-6 months
All the sass you would expect from the Malicious Women.
Select The Situation To Diffuse:

Diffuse The Anxiety (Lavender & Coconut Water)
Diffuse The Bullshit (Exotic Hemp)
Diffuse The Chaos (Verbena Rosemary)
Diffuse The Drama (Lemon Drop Martini)
Diffuse The Fuckery (Teakwood & Tobacco)
Diffuse The Haters (Sea Salt & Kelp – Spa Scent)
Diffuse The Inequality (Rebel Rose)
Diffuse The Intolerance (Orange & Acai Berry)
Diffuse The Negativity (Citrus & Sage)
Diffuse The Ordinary (Vanilla Cupcake)
Diffuse The Patriarchy (Fig, Cedar & Moss)
Diffuse The Shitshow (Red Hot Cinnamon)
Reed Diffuser Instructions:
Add reeds to diffuser bottle
Flip reads every 2-3 days to diffuse the scent throughout the space
Make sure reed diffuser is in a safe space to prevent spills/leaks
Diffusers are hand-poured. Variations in color & fill height are to be expected.

Note: Our reed diffusers contain a blend of naturally-derived and fine fragrance oils, biodegradable base, no artificial colors, no animal testing, no synthetic dyes, no parabens, no dpg or phthalates. Our reeds are made from all-natural, high-quality fibrous rattan and have been tested to absorb most of our fragrances when accompanied by our diffuser oil base. The reeds absorb the fragrance to the top and disperse it into the room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
definitely going to buy more

We've had this for a week or two and I wish I'd bought more for the rest of the house!

Based on previous experience....

I’m sure they’re great! That’s why I stocked up the “oops, I forgot it was your birthday/anniversary/housewarming/graduation/Christmas” closet! 😅

Love this!

So great - smells so good and fantastic packaging. I am very happy.

Love it!

Arrived packaged nicely and so smells awesome! Put it in our guest bathroom. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you!!

Deliciously Diffused Aromatherapy

Quite impressed with the quality of product, creative aroma, and environmentally friendly secure packaging. Love your business and always supportive of Malicious Women causes, promoting social justice, equality, and self determination! Xo