Anxiety To Go, Please! Anxiety Ceremony Kit

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Let's just say it, Anxiety sucks! There are days when my inner Anxiety Girl is wearing her cape and proudly boasting a large "A" on her chest. Those days or even moments come out of nowhere, like a cosmic piano, and can flatten me in a second. 

All of a sudden I am laying on the cold tile of the bathroom floor, in the fetal position, certain nothing will ever go right again. I'm usually triggered by running out of cheese or the overwhelming amount of tasks I need to get done. I figured I couldn't be alone- we all suffer from obsessive-overthinking in one form or another on some level of the spectrum. 

I created the Anxiety To Go, Please! kit as a way to honor our struggle. A way to give voice to whatever it is that is stressing us out and a physical way to let that shit go. 

It was very important to me create an anxiety tool at a price point that everyone could afford. Pricing the kit at $10 may seem crazy low, but this kit is personal for me and has nothing to do with profit margin. I am so sick and tired of people saying "oh don't worry about it" or "it's not that bad" without offering a single solution or help. This is my way of validating your anxiety AND offering a little something that may help you feel less alone. 

Please Note: The Anxiety To Go, Please kit is offered as a guide and a tool based on my own experience managing my anxiety. I am not a doctor. This kit can be used as a therapy tool, but this kit is not an alternative to seeking professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that persist or worry you (ironic right?).

Please use #anxietytogoplease on social media and post how you are using your kit. My dream is to create even a small tribe of those of us that understand and offer support to each other. I will do my absolute best to personally comment on every #anxietytogoplease post. 

Kit Includes: 

(1) polished Onyx or Marble Worry Stone (colors may vary- all are beautiful) 

(1) Worry stone instruction card explaining how to use your new stone and how to clean and recharge the energy. 

(1) Fireproof tin labeld "Hold On- Let Me Overthink This"

(1) Tealight ceremony candle

(1) Bundle of Worry Slips - kraft brown (slow burning) 

(1) Book of matches

Optional Add-on: White Sage Smudge Stick for $5 (while supplies last)

Optional Add-on: I Am Stronger Than The Bullshit - Handmade Bath Bomb

This kit (and any add-ons purchased) is packaged together in a kraft brown box and is perfect for gifting to yourself or your bestie who may need a little pick-me-up validation. 

Stay Malicious, 


Wholesale Partners: I make the sets with love and compassion for those that need them, priced affordably so they're available when they're needed. Due to the low-price, I am not able to offer these kits on a wholesale basis. 

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It’s Awesome! Duh!

Good shit! Thanks Ladies!!

Awesome presents

I received my adorably packaged candle and kit (two separate presents) really quickly after ordering. I can’t wait to buy something else as they are such unique and thoughtful items! THANK YOU!!!

Love this company!

Finally a bunch of women that tell the truth =) and make it so the rest of us can laugh and laugh and laugh at the same time as totally agreeing with you!