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Light & Clean Scented Candles

All of Malicious Women Candle Co. scents are hand blended by the Original Malicious Woman herself. There is nothing off-the-shelf about these scents.

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Clean Linen Scent

Clean Linen
Set your laundry on fire--if only in your mind. Crisp cotton scents will fill the air that is so clean that you'll (almost) regret not running a load of whites.

Grapefruit & Mint Scent

Grapefruit & Mint
The scent that had to happen. We paired 2 of the most crisp scents on the planet to give you the sweet taste of juicy grapefruit and the cool snap of mint in one jar.

Spa Day Scent

This fragrance is unique in many ways and it is difficult to pick out individual notes. Let your nose rest and it will pick up bergamot, lemon, lilac, and a hint of ginger, nutmeg, and musk. Shhhh...relax and enjoy it.

Lavender & Coconut

Lavender & Coconut Water (NEW SCENT)
Coconut Water & Citron are joined together for a soothing spa scent. Compliments of French Lavender & Rosemary Sprigs create a modern twist. Undertones of Tonka bean, Amber & Vanilla creates a sweet ending to this fragrant affair.