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Bride Boss (Wedding)

We all love going to weddings...mostly. The malicious woman in all of us secretly enjoys observing the behind the scene, shit show meltdowns. Who doesn't love seeing a non-smoking bride yell out "I NEED A CIGARETTE!" While the maid of honor is in the corner hyperventilating.

Brides: To honor wedding season everywhere we are releasing our "because weddings" collection. These candles will ensure you won't be a basic Pinterest bride when you invite your besties to stand with you as you say your vows.

Ladies: Maybe you're not included in the Bride Tribe because she has nine cousins and a future sister-in-law who assumed her position as a bridesmaid before you even asked. You can still honor your bestie and provide her with a light (candle pun) moment. You've known her for years and know she would laugh her ass off opening one or the entire set of four "something" giftset.

And let's not forget the groomsman. Since the bride will pick out the groomsmen gifts anyway, we've made it so easy. Scented with our new spiced wood and the awkwardness of men exchanging gifts with sentimental value.

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