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For Fuck's Sake, Mute Your Line. Infused with "Barking Dogs..." Scent: Lemon Drop Martini

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For Fuck's Sake, Mute Your Line. Infused with "Barking Dogs..." Scent: Lemon Drop Martini

What we really need to look at here are the overall implications of the message we are trying to send. Dave in Ottawa said we might want to move this to Q3 when it will align with the overall strategic vision for EOY. Is it EOD yet? Oh FFF- This is BANANAS!

Scent: Lemon Drop Martini 

This candle is 'Ladies Night' in a jar. Our Lemon Drop Martini is a mouth-watering combination of tart and sugary-sweet goodness. Grab your besties, light the candle and proceed to judge all those carpool moms that don’t seem to understand how drop-off works. 


See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 8oz, 40-hour burn time candles.


Customer Reviews

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Great candle

Burns great, beautiful lable and jar. Not a huge fan of the smell, I was expecting it to smell more like lemon than it does. But great over all, it was mostly for decoration

Rose C.
Too many zooms

Even through my eleventeenth zoom of the day, my For Fuck’s Sake Mute Yourself candle did it’s job. How many times did my sleeping lazy dogs decide to bark at non-existent squirrels? When will that guy finally remember that his mic is on while he asks his wife to make him a sandwich? It doesn’t matter because the bright happy scent of my lemon drop martini scented candle soothes every irritated nerve in my body.

Marg W.
Bought this for a friend who BURST out laughing and exclaimed, "I love this!"

(He also loved the scent)


Great scent 10 out of 10 would reccomend

Doesn’t smell like lemon Pledge

This candle basically describes my life working from home over the past year. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to apologize for barking dogs in the background or “joked” that my coffee mug may/may not contain coffee. I love that the scent is mild, fresh and clean... it doesn’t smell like lemon Pledge.