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You know what Rhymes with Camping? Alcohol! Outdoor Citronella Candle - Select Your Scent


Keep the annoying pests at bay with our outdoor candles. Whether you're enjoying a peaceful evening on the patio or embarking on a camping adventure, this candle is your secret weapon against those pesky insects. Let the invigorating aroma create a protective force field that keeps bugs away while adding a touch of sass to your outdoor ambiance. Because when it comes to pests, they can bug off!

  • 3-Wick, 8 oz Pure Soy Outdoor Candle
  • Shatter-proof Metal tin with lid
  • 40+ Hour Burn Time
  • Made with Pure Citronella and Essential Oils
  •  Great Hostess Gift
  • For Outdoor Use Only

All Citronella products are made with pure undiluted Citronella Essential oils. Derived from leaves and stems of the citronella plant and carefully extracted to preserve the benefits of a clean bug free environment while illuminating your senses with its bright and uplifting scent.