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Bridgerton Candle Set- Save $4.00 on the Diamonds of The Season

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Shhhhh! I’m Binge Watching My 19th Century Romance Drama! Infused with “ Never-Ending Sexual Tension” & You’d Make The Front Page Of Lady Whistledown Infused with “Tea, Scandals, & Massive Hair”

Dearest Reader...

The Diamonds of the season have been selected 

Collect the set before they’re gone!

As titillating as the carriage scene, we have candles to set the mood for your Bridgerton Binge! These limited release labels will only be available for a short time, so grab your favorite now, or collect the pair for $40! 

  • 9 ounce certified organic, 100% soy candle

  • No wax blends, additives, or fillers

  • Amber apothecary jar - because laughter really is medicine

  • Cotton wick with a braided core

  • Non-toxic, Bio-Grade (A) essential and fragrance oils

Note: Pick your favorite scents and we will match the labels accordingly.

See our FAQ sections for more information on the size and dimensions of our 9oz, 40+hour burn time candles.