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My Anxiety Has Anxiety Gift Box

$45.00 USD $55.00 USD

My Anxiety Has Anxiety Gift Box

No, seriously, it does....

This exclusive gift box features the following:

  • Anxiety To Go, Please! Anxiety Ceremony Kit
  • Our 9oz. Anxiety Girl Infused with "Impending Doom" Scent: Lavender & Coconut Water
  • "Your Anxiety Is Lying To You" Malicious Bangle Bracelet

As of March 21, 2019, Malicious Women Candle Co. has partnered with Pledgling to auto-capture donations and automatically send a portion of the proceeds from every item sold to support suicide prevention and programs helping those affected by suicide.

Giving Back – Malicious Women Co.

Our mission is to present hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction, self-harm, and all other personal battles that are overwhelming.

Your story isn't over; we need your light!


Customer Reviews

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Love it!

As someone who was recently been diagnosed with anxiety, this has already helped me so much. The label gives me a laugh when I am stressed, the candle smells amazing, the rest helps reassure me that everything will be okay. Thank you!

Mary W.
My Inner ME

OMG! The perfect gift for the Socially Awkward, Socially Anxious, I Just Wanna Stay Home family member or friend or coworker or YOURSELF!!!
I used every “tag” for the “Hold On…Let Me Overthink This” canister but STILL attended the BBQ. Took two days to recover but the worry stone and candle eased the pain.