The Inspiration Behind My New 2023 Spring Scents

The Inspiration Behind My New 2023 Spring Scents

Hey All, Lacie Here. (If you don't know, I'm the one that founded this accidental candle company). First, I want to thank all of you that shopped our big launch last weekend. I know the economy is tough for all of us and it doesn't escape me that $20 will barely cover a loaf of bread, some ground coffee and if you're super lucky maybe 8 eggs. The fact that some of you bought one (or more) of my candles is so sincerely appreciated!!!

Now the fun stuff. I was getting bored with some of my long time scents and for the past 5 months have been blending and testing new ones to revamp our offerings. Since I began making candles in 2017, I have learned so much and have been building on what I've learned about blending scents that no one would put together.

Remember when I blended Cotton Candy & Pine and even my own team thought I was nuts...until they smelled it.

I did the same this time. This round of scent refreshes, I reblended my Lemon Drop Martini to bring the sugar to the top note and scootch the fresh lemon to the middle. The more i burned my original Lemon Drop with the Lemon on the top, the more it started smelling like Lemon Mr. Clean.


As some of you know I am an avid gardener and grow all my own herbs for my personal tea blends, medicines and for cooking. I'll share with you early this summer when my plant babies get a bit bigger. Rosemary is my very favorite herb to work and cook with. I wanted to do a Rosemary forward scent and I went to work blending away. I mixed it with basil, orange and different fruits, but none of them were quite right. They were either too “herby” and smelled like dirt or too sweet to be considered herbal. I went to my essential oils and was digging through and my hand landed on Fig. The only thing I knew about figs were that I loved them in soft cake cookie form. I started playing around with just a few drops of Fig and Rosemary and eventually came to the conclusion that the Fig HAD to be the top note and the Rosemary provided just enough herbal greenness to balance the sweet. I’m obsessed with this scent. I sent my final version to the lab and ordered 200 pounds for a first pour. You all…this candle is ridiculous!

fig & rosemary

Berry Balini is another personal favorite. I blended dark, ripe blood orange with bright berries that just embodies a warm summer day. Again, not a combo I would normally do but the two dark and bright notes compliment each other so well.

berry bellini

The two new scents I am so excited about are Speakeasy and Sage & Sea Salt.

My husband asked me for a sexy, nightstand candle scent. Something more “typically” masculine. I went to work. Way back in 2019 I released a Leather scent that never really went anywhere. I released it for a line of Sports Mom candles that also flopped. I wanted the candle to smell like a new football or baseball glove. At the time I was running all over the state of Washington with my youngest to one tournament after the next. My car was a literal portable locker room! I kept the leftover of that fragrance oil to refresh my husband’s air freshener in his car. I pulled out my essential oils and started blending. I pulled out some cardamom and then some oil of pink peppercorns to add some heat to the layers. I then grabbed a bottle of my husband’s Angel’s Envy bourbonand added a couple drops to the cotton pad. I had Joe smell it and he loved it! I named it Speakeasy because it reminds me of the dark, hidden blues bar we went to in Vegas. We have a candle war in going in the house between Fig & Rosemary and Speakeasy. Although they pair well together we each race to light our favorite in the kitchen.


Last, Sage and Sea Salt. Two scents I wouldn’t think to put together. I grow my own sage in my garden and love the green freshness it adds to my pear mocktails I am known for.

sage & sea salt

I was out of pear juice and was looking for a refreshing drink to make. I used club soda instead of pear juice and added a pinch of sea salt and lime. It might sound gross, but it was fucking delicious. I couldn’t stop smelling it and just knew I needed to blend this into a new candle scent. This new blend is my bathroom candle scent forever (or until I come up with something equally as amazing).

My Pear & Sage Mocktail Recipe

Sage Simple Syrup: Add equal parts water and sugar to a small saucepan along with chopped fresh sage sprigs and then bring the mixture to a boil. Let cool. Grab some organic pear juice and add simple syrup to taste, squeeze a bit of lime, shake it all up and serve over ice. To make the boozy version, you can add and ounce or two of your favorite gin before shaking. I would imagine Vodka would work too, but I haven't tried that before. 

Finally, can we talk about our new [SCENTSORED] labels? Greta, The absolute best and most creative graphic designer on this planet, designed our new snark-free labels and I am nuts over them. We get a lot of emails from people saying they love the quality of our candles, but can’t gift them to certain friends or family because of my labels. I heard you. Greta combined my two favorite colors (teal & deep red) and the result was stunning. Thanks Greta! You’re simply the best! Greta also designed all the new inserts that we now ship with our orders.

I know this was kinda long and if you’re still reading, thank you! I hope you love the new scents as much as I loved creating them. I’ll write again soon about the stories behind the new full-snark labels I released on April 1st soon. Until then,

Stay Malicious, Lacie  

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Love your candles, love your snark, love your company and can’t wait to smell your new scents! BEST to you and the rest of the malicious tribe!


So many new scents to fall in love with! I love hearing the stories behind them, too. Any chance grapefruit +mint will return? That’s my favorite.


I am so happy you reblended the Lemon Martin candle. I was so excited when that came out, but the minute I smelled it in the store it gave me a headache because it smelled like cleaning products.

Tiphanie Amber Tenold-Jordan

Looking forward to new scents and labels. Love your candles but sometimes did not purchase because of verbiage!

Cathy Keslo

You had me at fig.

(And now I have to get some pear juice. I’ve found my summer cockrail.)

Lorraine Thomas

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